The Emotional Scars Take the Longest to Heal


It’s been almost 2 years since Ruslan’s arm injury and if you look at him today, you wouldn’t know how badly his arm was burned. We are so grateful that he has full use of his arm and he continues to be a busy and very active boy.

On the other hand, he is . . . → Read More: The Emotional Scars Take the Longest to Heal

Home with Wyatt


I make an effort to try to spend time alone with each of the kids. Juliana has a different schedule than the boys so it is easier to plan time alone with her. But the boys are almost always together – they are sleeping at the same time, at school together, etc.

This morning . . . → Read More: Home with Wyatt

Why Can’t Moms be Everywhere All of the Time


The dream caused me to sit straight up in bed and I could barely breathe. I struggled to figure out what was happening and process the image in my head. It was the middle of the night Friday night and I didn’t want to close my eyes again and continue the dream. I only . . . → Read More: Why Can’t Moms be Everywhere All of the Time

A Sick Day for Wyatt


Wyatt was home today with a fever and upset stomach. He started to feel better mid-morning although he was very tired and clingy. We keep some toys in closed storage – I opened some of those bins this morning to entertain him.

He watched tv and ate some food and we had yet another . . . → Read More: A Sick Day for Wyatt

We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were


When Juliana was 18-months old, she got her first ear infection.  Each winter she would get the one-day stomach virus that was sweeping through daycare.  Last year she was sick for a week with the flu (that was a rough week).  I can count on one hand the number of phone calls I have . . . → Read More: We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were



We are very happy to have Scott back home!  He was in Guam for the Air Force National Guard for 5 long weeks and returned home last Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who helped out while he was gone especially my mom who stayed here several nights throughout the month when we were having a . . . → Read More: Survival

15-Month Check-Up


Ruslan and Wyatt had their 15-month check-up this week.  They had both been very fussy all weekend and by Sunday evening Ruslan added a fever to his teething, drooling, drippy nose misery.  So Ruslan stayed home on Monday.  I probably would have called the Dr’s office if they didn’t already have their well visit . . . → Read More: 15-Month Check-Up