R & W


If you know me, you know that I rarely refer to Ruslan and Wyatt as the twins, I call them my boys. They are rarely dressed the same and they are very different in both looks and personality. Wyatt is taller and more slender than Ruslan but Ruslan runs faster. Ruslan eats almost anything and . . . → Read More: R & W

Parking the Cars

You can often find Ruslan quietly playing with the small cars – driving them across any flat surface including walls, tables, floors and window sills. After dinner tonight Ruslan disappeared into the playroom and started to collect cars and park them on the window sill. He was sitting on the table with a pile . . . → Read More: Parking the Cars

Random Ruslan

Ruslan has the best manners of my children. He almost always remembers to say please and thank you. If he hears anyone in the house sneeze he runs to tell them Bless You.



Up until recently Ruslan had no interest in TV. Why sit still watching TV when he could be climbing, . . . → Read More: Random Ruslan

Leggings are Not Pants

Juliana came home from school on Wednesday with a huge hole in her tights again. When I asked her what happened, she shrugged and then excitedly told me about the small hole that she had in the other leg of her tights. “I had a small hole in this side and I found some string . . . → Read More: Leggings are Not Pants

These Three


Saturday was a cold day and the boys and I stayed at home and they spent the day in their pjs. By mid-afternoon Juliana had already been to the hair salon for a trim and to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast. She wanted a popsicle and I told her to wait for . . . → Read More: These Three

The Boy Who Loves Other People’s Shoes


Ruslan will wear anyone’s shoes. If they are left unattended he will put them on. Juliana has a habit of leaving shoes all over the house so he has the easiest access to those.

He was very excited to try on these bright pink shoes this weekend (who can blame him, they are very . . . → Read More: The Boy Who Loves Other People’s Shoes

Boom Boom – Out Go the Lights


I saw the storm coming on the radar Monday afternoon, but many of the recent storms have gone north of us. Not this one.  The wind gusts started just before 5:00 and I went outside to get the flag before it started to rain. When I walked back in the house my computer screen had . . . → Read More: Boom Boom – Out Go the Lights

Sassy Girl is Still Sassy


That’s What It’s All About


You put your head in.

You put your head out.  You put your head in and you shake it all about.

You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.

That’s what it’s all . . . → Read More: That’s What It’s All About

Return of Bucket Baby

If you asked my mom to list her favorite pictures of Juliana as a baby – this one would be near the top of her list.

The set of buckets recently came out of storage for the boys to play with and after lunch today I decided to try and capture some pictures of the . . . → Read More: Return of Bucket Baby