Happy Birthday Daddy


2 years ago, Scott was in Guam for his birthday so I recorded the kids singing Happy Birthday to him. Juliana was the only one who could sing that year and the boys were contained so they couldn’t escape during the song. What a difference 2 years makes…they are all so much bigger now. . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday Daddy

Toddler Trouble in the Tub with Twins


When bath time started tonight we were ahead of schedule and they were so happy – splashing and playing nice.  I decided to grab the camera and get some new close-up pictures (easiest to do when they are relatively trapped).

As soon as I picked up the camera, these are the faces I got . . . → Read More: Toddler Trouble in the Tub with Twins

You Are My Sunshine

A Little Song

Back in December, Juliana started requesting “The Rainbow Song”. Then she would sing – my rainbow, My Rainbow, MY Rainbow, MY RAINBOW…each time loader.

So one night when she asked for the Rainbow Song and I started singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She got so excited, gave me a big kiss and said, “I . . . → Read More: A Little Song

Singing the Alphabet