I Find Their Promises to Be Disingenuous


I sent the boys upstairs to change for bed last night and soon Ruslan returned. As he came down the stairs I could hear him yelling, “where are my underwear?” As he rounded the corner to the kitchen started to tell him that his underwear were is the same place as always, and then . . . → Read More: I Find Their Promises to Be Disingenuous

His Favorite Sleep Stories Have One Thing In Common


Most people call them dreams but Wyatt calls them sleep stories. Stories that happen while you are sleeping – Wyatt is very literal.

After months of sleeping all night every night and occasionally sleeping until 7:30 on the weekends, Wyatt started waking up at night again. Last week he was up 3 nights in . . . → Read More: His Favorite Sleep Stories Have One Thing In Common

Sharing the Warmth

At 6:45 each weekday morning, I go into the boys room to get them ready for school and they are usually sound asleep. If they hear me come in the room, they borough deep under their blankets in the hopes that I will wake their brother first. Then one day I went into their . . . → Read More: Sharing the Warmth

I Want My Two Hours


During the week I wake-up early enough to shower and get ready, make lunches and check work e-mail before the kids are awake. Then it is time for Juliana to get up, eat and get on her school bus. Then I get the boys ready and drive them to childcare. I return home to my . . . → Read More: I Want My Two Hours

First Night Away from Each Other


When Juliana was 2, she would occasionally spend the night at my parent’s house. She enjoyed it and it was a nice break for me. Juliana turned 3 while I was in my first trimester with the boys and I was sick and exhausted all of the time. She started to stay there almost . . . → Read More: First Night Away from Each Other

Just This Once I Wanted to be Very Wrong


There was no doubt in my mind that the transition to big boy beds was going to be a challenge, but I wanted to be wrong. I wanted to believe that it would be as seamless as moving Juliana to a bed…but I had little hope we would get that lucky again. My two . . . → Read More: Just This Once I Wanted to be Very Wrong

Big Boy Beds


We knew it was time to move Ruslan and Wyatt to big boy beds, but we weren’t looking forward to it…too much freedom for 2 wild boys. When we moved Juliana to a big bed, nothing changed. We put her in bed, she went to sleep, and she stayed in bed until I went to get . . . → Read More: Big Boy Beds

Ruslan and Wyatt 3.0


I usually write separate posts about the boys, but so much of what they are doing is the same right now so it made sense to combine. The boys are playing together a lot more – they play in the kitchen, they play cars, build, etc. I love that we are finally getting the . . . → Read More: Ruslan and Wyatt 3.0

Mornings – Why Must They be so Early


After almost 6-1/2 years of motherhood I still really miss sleeping in on the weekends. When Juliana was a toddler I could wait to get out of bed until she was awake and then she would happily watch a movie while I showered and got ready. But that is not an option with the . . . → Read More: Mornings – Why Must They be so Early

Random Juliana


Juliana gets fixated on a tv series and watches every episode on Netflix and then she moves on to another one for the next week or two and she will eventually circle back and repeat. This week Dinosaur Train is the series of choice.

Sunday afternoon she started to watch an episode while I was making lunch . . . → Read More: Random Juliana