One of those Phone Calls Every Parent Dreads


I saw the daycare phone number on my phone and sighed. It was 8:30 and I had only dropped them off 40 minutes earlier, how was one of them sick? As soon as I answered I could hear him screaming in the background and the voice of the women on the line was unsteady. . . . → Read More: One of those Phone Calls Every Parent Dreads

A Horse Named Moo


Wyatt has an assortment of “friends” that he needs to have in his crib at night.  He takes an inventory and requests any that are missing before he will lie down. He usually falls asleep with 2 of them held close to his face. I previously wrote about the lamb he calls kitty.  A . . . → Read More: A Horse Named Moo

Cribs Tents for the Boys


We crib tented with Juliana when she dove out of her crib before she turned two and that worked well for us.  So it wasn’t a question of if we would crib tent with the boys, but when to do it.  I decided to add the tents last week for a few reasons.  The . . . → Read More: Cribs Tents for the Boys

The Boy Who Loves Sleep


When it is time for bed or a nap, if Iask Ruslan if he wants to go to sleep he will nod his head and say yeah, yeah.  Then he says bye-bye to anyone in the room, puts his head down on my shoulder and is content as I carry him up to bed.  He . . . → Read More: The Boy Who Loves Sleep

Valentine’s Day


We put the boys in their cribs and cover them up each night and sometimes they go to sleep immediately and other nights one or both of them jump up and down and yell, or throw their stuffed animals and blankets onto the floor or into their brother’s crib… When I take Juliana upstairs for bed an . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day

We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were


When Juliana was 18-months old, she got her first ear infection.  Each winter she would get the one-day stomach virus that was sweeping through daycare.  Last year she was sick for a week with the flu (that was a rough week).  I can count on one hand the number of phone calls I have . . . → Read More: We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were

Ruslan at 18-months


Super cute, a bundle of activity, happy most of the time and so much fun – everything you could possibly want at this age.

Ruslan loves to sleep – at night he is so happy to be carried to bed and snuggles down in his crib for the night without a fuss.  If . . . → Read More: Ruslan at 18-months

Kennywood – Back to Kiddieland


With Juliana’s love of the “big kid rides” we haven’t spent too much time in Kiddieland the past 2 years.  That changed when we took the boys this week.  It was the first time that they were able to go on the rides.  It was not their first trip to Kennywood however the only . . . → Read More: Kennywood – Back to Kiddieland

Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm


Since Scott returned home from Guam, we have been trying to have a family outing each Saturday.  Something kid friendly followed by dinner out with the kids (2 parents vs 3 kids at a restaurant – 2 of whom throw food and sippy cups on occasion…it gets interesting).

This past Saturday we decided to go . . . → Read More: Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm

Night-Night Boys


Who doesn’t love a sleeping baby or two?