Summer Fun


Playgrounds, running around outside, playing in the pool…summer weekends. An hour or two of playing in the pool and water table and the boys will nap for hours in the afternoon – that is a good day.





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Learning to Help

Juliana has suddenly started to be more helpful – great timing! As we are sorting out the boxes of kitchen stuff and finding a home for everything, we are taking advantage of that by storing all of her snacks, drinks, cups, etc. in drawers and shelves that she can reach. She noticed that the . . . → Read More: Learning to Help


We went to a birthday party at a wonderful playground (unfortunately it is all the way in the South Hills, so not convenient to visit often). Juliana was running from swings to slides to climbing areas and back to swings – she would have happily stayed there much longer.

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Bitty Baby Gets to Play Outside

Juliana took Bitty outside to play and insisted that she swing in the other swing and she had to hold onto the other swing as well. Bitty also went down the slide which was met with shrieks of delight. Soon Juliana was ready for some climbing and left Bitty in the . . . → Read More: Bitty Baby Gets to Play Outside