Do You Want to Hand Craft an Artisanal Snowman


We already had 8 inches of snow in our yard and then added a few more inches yesterday. Once the snow stopped, the temperature climbed and it was warm enough for the children to play outside for a long time without getting cold – run wild, dig, roll around, and build.

Ruslan was much more . . . → Read More: Do You Want to Hand Craft an Artisanal Snowman

At Least We Don’t Need To Go Far To Sled


It’s been a very long winter and it isn’t even March. Our yard was covered in snow for many weeks, but it has been so cold that we haven’t been able to enjoy it. Last week we had yet another snow day; I’ve lost track of the number of days school has been delayed or closed. But this . . . → Read More: At Least We Don’t Need To Go Far To Sled

Disney, Dancing, Dragons and Drama


I will start out with the drama for those of you looking for an update on Scott. Scott was in a car accident last weekend and has a concussion. He hasn’t been able to drive or work since then and has spent most of the past week resting is a dark room. He is improving . . . → Read More: Disney, Dancing, Dragons and Drama

It Can’t Be Worse Than the Shopping Cart He Licked

Sunday afternoon was perfect for playing in the snow. We had several inches of snow, it was sunny and the temperature was just above freezing. So we were able to play outside for a while without getting too cold. Sleds, snow shovels, little shovels and buckets were all used to enjoy the snow. There . . . → Read More: It Can’t Be Worse Than the Shopping Cart He Licked

Sledding Practice


The past week in Pittsburgh was a snowy one. Last Wednesday we got 5 inches of snow followed by another 5 inches on Saturday. I didn’t mind the snow, because it didn’t interfere with any plans and didn’t affect school since we were on Christmas break. Last year we didn’t have a single school . . . → Read More: Sledding Practice

Playing in the Snow

We finally got enough snow that it was worth bundling the boys to play outside. I asked them if they wanted to play outside in the snow and they jumped up and down and screamed. It took awhile to assemble all of the snow gear and cut the tags off the new snow pants, . . . → Read More: Playing in the Snow

Snow Angels


When I was at Target yesterday I wandered through the 2 aisles of summer toys (sand toys, bubbles, even swimming pools – is there demand in Pittsburgh for these items in January)…and purchased some sand toys for the snow.  And today it was warm enough to go outside and play for a little while.

. . . → Read More: Snow Angels

Fun in the Snow


I have learned my lesson about snow gear and next year I will buy everything we need for the winter in September when the stuff is first out on the shelves.  Juliana is wearing her snow pants from last year again this year and all 3 of them are still wearing their coats from . . . → Read More: Fun in the Snow

Weathering The Storm

Life goes on for the boys in this snow filled day.  Ruslan has a new favorite face that I half caught in this picture – the super cute fish face – and sometimes that fish face ends with a kiss

Wyatt has joined the backwards crawling fun, but he prefers to be standing . . . → Read More: Weathering The Storm

Snow Babies

What’s the point of having snowsuits if they can’t spend a few minutes in the snow?  I resisted the urge to bury them in snow because it is very cold, and they were only outside for a few minutes.  Wyatt held still as the snowflakes fell on his face; perhaps hoping it would all . . . → Read More: Snow Babies