The Littlest Soccer Players


As soon as we found out there would be a Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer camp on our side of town, we signed up all 3 kids. It would be an opportunity for Juliana to improve her skills and the boys would be introduced to the basics.

I am used to Juliana being one of the tallest . . . → Read More: The Littlest Soccer Players

The Year We Became Soccer Parents


I think it was a foregone conclusion when we drove the minivan off the lot. The van didn’t come with a soccer mom bumper sticker but we knew that at some point our Saturday mornings would revolve around soccer games and snacks and muddy cleats. And this was the year that it happened.

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I Didn’t Expect the Flirting to Start So Early


After First Grade poetry night, we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. We ordered and Juliana turned around to one of her classmates and asked if she could please, please, please eat her ice cream with Donnie (name changed). While I waited off to the side for our ice cream she stood with . . . → Read More: I Didn’t Expect the Flirting to Start So Early

The Reluctant Spectator


Wyatt wants to play soccer so bad. It is difficult for him to stay on the sidelines. He edges closer and closer to the field until his toes are across the sideline. He walks away and watches for an opportunity when no one is paying attention.


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