The Year We Became Soccer Parents


I think it was a foregone conclusion when we drove the minivan off the lot. The van didn’t come with a soccer mom bumper sticker but we knew that at some point our Saturday mornings would revolve around soccer games and snacks and muddy cleats. And this was the year that it happened.

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Skate Skate Skate


Juliana has been asking to go ice skating for years. Scott took her to an outdoor rink once and she was cold and he spent most of the time hunched over holding her up.

A few weeks ago one of our friends mentioned that she was taking her son for his first ice skating lesson and told me . . . → Read More: Skate Skate Skate

A Rare Weeknight Out with my Girl


Our regular evening routine usually finds us at home – dinner, playtime, baths, homework, bed… Today I picked up Juliana from her after-school program and we went to dinner. Eat-n-Park is her current favorite restaurant because she orders salad bar and that means she gets food immediately; she does not like to wait a . . . → Read More: A Rare Weeknight Out with my Girl