Kennywood – Back to Kiddieland


With Juliana’s love of the “big kid rides” we haven’t spent too much time in Kiddieland the past 2 years.  That changed when we took the boys this week.  It was the first time that they were able to go on the rides.  It was not their first trip to Kennywood however the only . . . → Read More: Kennywood – Back to Kiddieland

Outside with the Boys

Wyatt loves being outside and when he is in the house somtimes he sits and stares out the window.  He will happily sit in the grass and look around.  Ruslan does not like being outside or at least he doesn’t like being put down outside – the second he is set down on the . . . → Read More: Outside with the Boys

Car Seats

We made the switch a few weeks ago – no more baby bucket car seats.  Wyatt was over the height limit and with their winter coats, the straps were getting too tight.  The seats were also getting very heavy, especially carrying both at the same time. 

But I could manage both seats and . . . → Read More: Car Seats

Weathering The Storm

Life goes on for the boys in this snow filled day.  Ruslan has a new favorite face that I half caught in this picture – the super cute fish face – and sometimes that fish face ends with a kiss

Wyatt has joined the backwards crawling fun, but he prefers to be standing . . . → Read More: Weathering The Storm

Bundled Up

Since we walk to daycare, the boys are bundled in their stroller when it is cold.  Here is what they look like for our short walk.

And under the blanket they are wearing their puffer . . . → Read More: Bundled Up

The Morning Rush

**Note: I wrote this post 3 weeks ago. The week before the time change provided us with a week of extra early mornings. This new level of exhaustion prevented me from getting a picture of the boys in the stroller in the morning until a few days ago.**

On those HGTV shows when people . . . → Read More: The Morning Rush

Wyatt – Holdin On

Wyatt prefers to have something in his hands at all times.  His favorite of late are his feet and it’s no surprise that he doesn’t like to keep his socks on – 3 days of temperatures cold enough to require socks and we haven’t lost one yet – I consider that a major accomplishment.

. . . → Read More: Wyatt – Holdin On

8 Weeks

I was planning to write a bit about the boys at 8 weeks, but I squadered the boys nap time doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and paying hospital bills…so just pictures today. There are 2 pictures of the boys in their stroller – one from Kennywood this week and one from Julaina’s preschool . . . → Read More: 8 Weeks