Traditional Christmas with a Lot of Star Wars


I was really looking forward to Christmas this year. Juliana is heading into the pre-teen years and I know our years of wrapping lots of fun toys are numbered and soon the only present options will be electronics and gift cards. It was also a year of Star Wars presents.

My brother and sister-in-law . . . → Read More: Traditional Christmas with a Lot of Star Wars

Wyatt and Bunny Bunny


When Wyatt asked for Brer Rabbit at Disney World, I wasn’t thrilled about adding another stuffed animal to the many in our home, but it was his money to spend. I thought that it would be like the others – loved for a week and then discarded. Instead Bunny Bunny, his official name, has . . . → Read More: Wyatt and Bunny Bunny

Random Wyatt


We drove across town this weekend and each time we exited a tunnel Wyatt waved and said Bye-Bye tunnel.


Whenever we arrive at our destination Wyatt says All Done car. Unless we have arrived somewhere he doesn’t want to go and in that case he screams. Most evenings he screams when we turn on . . . → Read More: Random Wyatt

A Horse Named Moo


Wyatt has an assortment of “friends” that he needs to have in his crib at night.  He takes an inventory and requests any that are missing before he will lie down. He usually falls asleep with 2 of them held close to his face. I previously wrote about the lamb he calls kitty.  A . . . → Read More: A Horse Named Moo

Wyatt’s Kitty


A few months ago, Wyatt started collecting stuffed animals – old ones that Juliana has discarded and some that the boys have received over time. He will find one that he likes and keep it around for a while and some make it up to his crib. For a while he was attached to dog . . . → Read More: Wyatt’s Kitty