Nine Weeks of Summer Gone in a Flash

After years of the same year round pre-school / childcare program, this was our first summer that was different. This was the first summer that Juliana had a break from school and we wanted to make sure that she had a mix of activities to fill the 9 weeks. We knew that she would . . . → Read More: Nine Weeks of Summer Gone in a Flash

Time for a New Routine

When we moved last year I had to adjust to driving the kids to preschool/childcare after 3 years of walking. Even though it is a short drive, it still took longer to get everyone in the car and buckled than it had taken to walk. I had to adjust our morning routine to leave . . . → Read More: Time for a New Routine

The New Bike

When Scott and I were out for our anniversary, we went to dinner and did some shopping. Our last stop was Target (are you thinking, seriously Target on your anniversary date…just remember I don’t get to leave the house without children very often, so this shopping time was a luxury). Juliana had outgrown her . . . → Read More: The New Bike

Enjoying Summer

Juliana spent some time out of the sandbox on Saturday to swim. This is her 3rd summer using the sprinkle pool and she still loves it. (Photo credit: G-Daddy . . . → Read More: Enjoying Summer

Kennywood – First "Big Kid Ride"

We went to Kennywood on Saturday and Juliana measured in at 39″; over the 36″ mark for riding many of the “big kid rides”. The first ride of the day was the Paratrooper which Juliana named the “Sugar Puff ride”. Scott and Juliana rode on the one of the tan cars the first time. . . . → Read More: Kennywood – First "Big Kid Ride"

3rd of July

We go to a 3rd of July party every year at Aunt Natalae’s house. And Juliana always has a festive holiday outfit for the occasion. This year’s ensemble included sparkles, tie-die and glitter coated flip flops! She loved the flip flops and refered to them as her July shoes (short for 4th of July). . . . → Read More: 3rd of July