Age 7 – The Year of Growing Up


I can’t remember a year since she was a toddler that┬áJuliana changed as much as she has at age 7. She is growing up and maturing and starting to make better choices. I am starting to see glimpses of the person that she will be.

Is she still loud? Yes. Is she perfectly . . . → Read More: Age 7 – The Year of Growing Up

Nine Weeks of Summer Gone in a Flash

After years of the same year round pre-school / childcare program, this was our first summer that was different. This was the first summer that Juliana had a break from school and we wanted to make sure that she had a mix of activities to fill the 9 weeks. We knew that she would . . . → Read More: Nine Weeks of Summer Gone in a Flash

Random Juliana


M: Are you done cleaning your room? J: Yes, it is very clean. I was able to dance around my room without stepping on anything.


One evening while the kids were playing outside and I was taking pictures, Juliana decided to pose. After a few minutes she announced that we needed to wait . . . → Read More: Random Juliana