The Best Part of Our Trip


We knew that we wanted to go on a short road trip or two this summer and when Scott found out that Chelsea (English Premier League Soccer) was playing in Washington, DC, we added it to the list. On our last full day in DC we headed to into the city in the morning . . . → Read More: The Best Part of Our Trip

Wyatt and the Pool Shark

Wyatt took a few days to get used to the pool. He only wanted to be in the water if I was holding him and only for a few minutes. He gets cold very easily and his teeth would start chattering and his body shaking and soon he would be curled up in a . . . → Read More: Wyatt and the Pool Shark

Summer – Now with More Water


When the kids were having so much fun in the water Saturday afternoon, I jokingly told Scott we should get a pool for our house and he nodded his head. When we got home I was busy with baths and and getting the kids in bed and Scott was measuring the patio in our . . . → Read More: Summer – Now with More Water

The Heat is On


The past two weeks have been very, very hot. We have moved quickly from one air conditioned space to another and done our best to stay cool. The kids don’t mind the heat as much, they love being outside regardless of the weather. So we have tried to spend some time outside in the evening . . . → Read More: The Heat is On

Time to Feed the Giraffe


I love that Wyatt stopped whatever he was doing to come over and help Ruslan feed the giraffe.

Summer Fun


Playgrounds, running around outside, playing in the pool…summer weekends. An hour or two of playing in the pool and water table and the boys will nap for hours in the afternoon – that is a good day.





. . . → Read More: Summer Fun

We’re on a Boat


When friends of ours invited us out on their boat last weekend, I said yes immediately.  A weekend afternoon relaxing on the river sounded like a great idea.  Then I started to think about the potential issues – what if the boys hate/are scared of the boat? what if they freak out over the life . . . → Read More: We’re on a Boat

Enjoying Summer

Juliana spent some time out of the sandbox on Saturday to swim. This is her 3rd summer using the sprinkle pool and she still loves it. (Photo credit: G-Daddy . . . → Read More: Enjoying Summer

Play Date

Juliana’s best friend came over to play last weekend. They had lots of fun playing in the pool and running around outside. This was her official play date and they had lots of . . . → Read More: Play Date

Disney #7

Friday morning we did some park hopping to go back to our favorite attractions. First stop – Animal Kingdom. Juliana went to the Festival of the Lion King show with Nonni and G, while Scott and I rode Everest 4 times (makes 10 for the week – great coaster – excellent addition Disney). Juliana . . . → Read More: Disney #7