Yesterday at the Park


Juliana made it across the monkey bars all by herself! And then did it again and again!

She practiced pumping her legs on the swings.

The boys finally figured out that it’s ok to hang out on the swings for a long time instead of swinging for 3 minutes, playing on . . . → Read More: Yesterday at the Park

Summer Fun


Playgrounds, running around outside, playing in the pool…summer weekends. An hour or two of playing in the pool and water table and the boys will nap for hours in the afternoon – that is a good day.





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Spring Fever


Those 2 days of warm weather…oh how I miss them already.  Short-sleeves, driving with the sunroof open, playing outside in the sunshine, very tired children at bedtime…spring, please hurry up and get here.

When we picked up the kids at childcare on Thursday, all 3 were outside playing.  We walked home and they played outside . . . → Read More: Spring Fever

Little Island


The boys have reverted back to two naps per day while on vacation.  The wild running around, excitement, new activities, and later bedtime have made the mornings too difficult.  They are up between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning (no sleeping in for the mom).  My mom has gotten up with us each morning and . . . → Read More: Little Island

Welcome Spring

The arrival of spring brightened the moods of everyone in Pittsburgh and Juliana is especially happy to be able to run outside without a coat.

She is happy to share her swingset with the boys as long as she occasionally gets a . . . → Read More: Welcome Spring

Outside with the Boys

Wyatt loves being outside and when he is in the house somtimes he sits and stares out the window.  He will happily sit in the grass and look around.  Ruslan does not like being outside or at least he doesn’t like being put down outside – the second he is set down on the . . . → Read More: Outside with the Boys

4 Months

4 months old – hard to believe that they are that old, yet difficult to remember what it was like before they arrived (although I think that I had a little bit more spare time, more sleep, and a lot less laundry). This first picture – they are both watching Juliana run toward them…there . . . → Read More: 4 Months

6 Weeks

Where does the time go? I can’t believe that they are 6 weeks old already and my maternity leave is halfway over.

It is much easier to tell the boys apart in pictures now, because Ruslan is always wearing a bib. He has reflux and spits up huge amounts of his food – we . . . → Read More: 6 Weeks

Learning to Help

Juliana has suddenly started to be more helpful – great timing! As we are sorting out the boxes of kitchen stuff and finding a home for everything, we are taking advantage of that by storing all of her snacks, drinks, cups, etc. in drawers and shelves that she can reach. She noticed that the . . . → Read More: Learning to Help


We went to a birthday party at a wonderful playground (unfortunately it is all the way in the South Hills, so not convenient to visit often). Juliana was running from swings to slides to climbing areas and back to swings – she would have happily stayed there much longer.

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