Ruslan 2.5


A glimpse into the world of Ruslan at 2-1/2 years old.

He narrates life, describing what he is doing and everything that is happening around him – Mommy driving, Wyatt crying, Ruslan screaming, etc. I fear another child who talks continuously. Since he likes to talk so much I ask him to repeat long words and . . . → Read More: Ruslan 2.5

Wyatt 2.5

A glimpse into the world of Wyatt at 2-1/2 years old.

He LOVES french fries, but there is a catch. French fries in the fast food container = the most awesome, best thing ever. French fries on a napkin or plate = I don’t want it, NO, Fix it. One of the reasons he . . . → Read More: Wyatt 2.5



Juliana’s birthday is 6 months+/-1 day from the boys’ birthday which makes it easy to remember “half-birthdays” in this house.  And “half-birthdays” mean it is time for the annual t-shirt picture.  Every year I am surprised by how much Juliana has changed, even this year there was a bigger change than I expected.  First . . . → Read More: 5.5

Big t-shirts for Little Boys


We started this tradition with Juliana when she was 18 months old; it’s such an easy way to see how much the kids change each year.  I purchased a men’s small t-shirt for each of the boys and we will take their picture on their half birthday each year.  The shirts are so long . . . → Read More: Big t-shirts for Little Boys


Juliana is 4-1/2 now.  One of the ideas I read when Juliana was a baby was to buy a Women’s size small t-shirt and take her picture in it once per year until she grows into it.  I decided to take this picture on her half-year birthday (which I can never forget now that . . . → Read More: 4.5