Wyatt and Bunny Bunny


When Wyatt asked for Brer Rabbit at Disney World, I wasn’t thrilled about adding another stuffed animal to the many in our home, but it was his money to spend. I thought that it would be like the others – loved for a week and then discarded. Instead Bunny Bunny, his official name, has . . . → Read More: Wyatt and Bunny Bunny

$100 Spending Money at Disney World


Aunt Nancy gave each of the children $100 to spend while we were at Disney World. My prediction going into the week was that Wyatt would quickly spend all of his money, Juliana would be very careful about her purchases but spend the money if she found something she really wanted, and Ruslan would . . . → Read More: $100 Spending Money at Disney World

It’s All About the Cars


Like Wyatt, Ruslan also asked for bongo drums for Christmas. He likes drums as well but I was surprised that he kept asking for them. Santa brought him the same drums as Wyatt and although he was happy when he opened them, he set them aside and opened more presents. I steered him toward . . . → Read More: It’s All About the Cars

A Sick Day for Wyatt


Wyatt was home today with a fever and upset stomach. He started to feel better mid-morning although he was very tired and clingy. We keep some toys in closed storage – I opened some of those bins this morning to entertain him.

He watched tv and ate some food and we had yet another . . . → Read More: A Sick Day for Wyatt

Twins – Growing Up with a Constant Companion


The boys spend the majority of the time together. They wake-up in the morning and yell at each other and talk back and forth until I come to get them and at night they try to outdo each other by yelling the loudest and jumping the highest in their cribs (at least that’s what it . . . → Read More: Twins – Growing Up with a Constant Companion

How Do You Define Child Proof


I am a big fan of HGTV – I love the shows where a designer comes in and takes an ordinary space and uses amazing materials to create something fabulous.  The shows where the after photos look nothing like the before images.  It’s the type of TV that I like to watch before bed . . . → Read More: How Do You Define Child Proof

Animals Gone Wild


I’m not sure what happened here.  Since the dinosaur still has a blue party cup hanging out of his mouth, I am guessing that drinking was somehow involved.

No and Mine Have Arrived and Brought Biting Back


When I returned home last Friday I noticed something different about Ruslan.  No matter what I asked him – Do you want to play? Do you want to sit with Mommy? Do you want a snack? The answer was No.  At first I thought he must be mad at me for being gone, but . . . → Read More: No and Mine Have Arrived and Brought Biting Back

Surviving Christmas Break


I may have whistled and skipped home when I dropped the kids off Monday morning.  Everyone was ready to get back to the regular routine even though that meant back to work for me.  I enjoyed the quiet productivity during the day and looked forward to picking them up after work. 

During the holiday . . . → Read More: Surviving Christmas Break

You Know What They Say About Toys vs Boxes


They eventually decided that the toy might be fun to play with as well.