The Scary Happy Penguin


Isn’t the penguin cute?  It is one of those toys with the weighted bottom so when the boys knock it down, it pops back up.  It also plays music when you hit it.  Ruslan loves it and it was one of the first toys he carried around the room as he was first starting . . . → Read More: The Scary Happy Penguin

11 Months Old

Even though they will be 12 months next week, this post reflects their activities at 11 months.

Month 11 was the month of mobility and exploring lots of finger foods.  They are a bit like puppies, crawling all over the place, chewing on everything, and making lots of noise.  Sometimes they travel as a . . . → Read More: 11 Months Old

Wyatt Needs a Fanny Pack

Both boys are constantly on the go.  And when Wyatt sets off across the room, he doesn’t want to leave his toy behind so he transfers it from hand to mouth and off he . . . → Read More: Wyatt Needs a Fanny Pack

Toy Fight

Sharing is a difficult concept at this age.  They see a toy they want and take it.  Usually whatever toy Wyatt has, Ruslan wants it and vice versa.  Since Wyatt started crawling, apparently he has been busy using his new skill to take toys away from the other babies.

On this occasion, Wyatt was . . . → Read More: Toy Fight

9 Months Old

9 months is such a fun age and my favorite part about the boys being 9 months old is definitely watching them interact.  They sit next to each other and play, and I am hoping they learn to share soon.  Generally Wyatt is happily playing with a toy and Ruslan decides he wants . . . → Read More: 9 Months Old

Toy Fight

Ruslan and Wyatt both really like this new toy…it certainly won’t be the last time they fight over a . . . → Read More: Toy Fight

In Juliana’s Bed Today

When I took Juliana up to bed last night she insisted that she needed to take 2 stuffed animals from her play-area with her. As she climbed into bed and added those new animals to the assortment that was already in her bed, I noticed that there is a lot of stuff in there. . . . → Read More: In Juliana’s Bed Today

Juliana’s Birthday – Part 2

After lunch Juliana, Nonni and I went to ToysRUs. Juliana had been in the store on days when other children were celebrating their birthday and she was excited to be the birthday girl. My grandmother and brother both sent money for her birthday so she had fun picking out presents for herself. Before we arrived, she . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Birthday – Part 2

Wyatt – Holdin On

Wyatt prefers to have something in his hands at all times.  His favorite of late are his feet and it’s no surprise that he doesn’t like to keep his socks on – 3 days of temperatures cold enough to require socks and we haven’t lost one yet – I consider that a major accomplishment.

. . . → Read More: Wyatt – Holdin On

4 Months

4 months old – hard to believe that they are that old, yet difficult to remember what it was like before they arrived (although I think that I had a little bit more spare time, more sleep, and a lot less laundry). This first picture – they are both watching Juliana run toward them…there . . . → Read More: 4 Months