Baby Stuff

We have been to Natalae’s house each of the past 2 weekends. That’s a lot considering we really don’t take all 3 kids many places without extra adults. Baby Sidney is just a few weeks younger than the boys and there are some very cool things about going to visit someone who a baby . . . → Read More: Baby Stuff

This Morning Before School

I loved her outfit this morning (tried to post this on Wednesday…blogger trouble). The combination of the t-shirt, skirt and socks was adorable. And with the morning sunshine we played outside for a few minutes. After taking the bubble mower for a drive across the lawn she jumped up and down for some pictures. . . . → Read More: This Morning Before School

More Clean-Up

This little dog vacuum barks when you start and whines when you stop – Juliana occasionally pushing him around the living room rug. She is weary of the real vacuum so I usually have to carry her while I . . . → Read More: More Clean-Up

Aquadoodle Mat

The Aquadoodle mat is a great concept – draw with water and the design fades away after a little while and start all over again – no mess and a great creative option. Juliana likes to have other people draw and make requests – usually the Little Einsteins and rocket are first on her . . . → Read More: Aquadoodle Mat


At the beginning of the summer, I decided that we didn’t need a sandbox this year – after all Juliana already has so much stuff… We quickly learned that playing in the sand was her favorite activity at daycare, so much so that she would cry and refuse to leave if she was playing . . . → Read More: Sandbox

Why do the Cheapest Toys Become Favorites

We bought this stack of bowls at IKEA for $1.00. They have become one of her favorite toys. She stacks and unstacks them; fills them with puzzle pieces and then dumps them out on the floor or into another bowl; adds ping pong balls and stirs them with a mixing spoon…endless fun with a . . . → Read More: Why do the Cheapest Toys Become Favorites