Bite Size Jello Jigglers


The boys are still in the older toddler room at childcare (I am hopeful they will move up to preschool someday). A few weeks ago they started “Taste it Tuesday” and asked each parent to volunteer to bring their child’s favorite snack for everyone to try. I immediately signed up for the week of . . . → Read More: Bite Size Jello Jigglers

Broken Band-Aids and Other Nonsense


Twice in the past week I have rushed up the stairs to hysterical screaming from the boys’ room. Upon opening the door I was greeted with tears and sadness and cries of my band-aid is broken. Band-Aids don’t break on their own, they “break” when little boys remove them from their body and stick . . . → Read More: Broken Band-Aids and Other Nonsense