Turn that frown upside down


Yesterday was a no good, very bad day for me. Due to a series of unrelated events I spent a good bit of the day in tears, but that’s not the subject of this post. I woke up feeling sad today and wanted to stay in bed, but I got up and showered and . . . → Read More: Turn that frown upside down

Just Like TV


Did you watch The Littles in the 80’s?  It is a cartoon that aired during the early-mid 80’s. Basic premise – a population of tiny people exists and only a 12-yr old boy knows about them. They live in the walls of his house and he helps them when they get into trouble.

Juliana . . . → Read More: Just Like TV

Wyatt has a New Favorite TV Show


Wyatt Loves Super Why

Super Why is suddenly Juliana’s favorite choice for her after childcare movie.  And Wyatt is captivated by it – as soon as the theme song starts, he stops what he is doing to watch.  In this video clip, Wyatt is happily eating his dinner when the show starts.  His reaction is not subtle when . . . → Read More: Wyatt Loves Super Why