Brothers Stick Together


Ruslan and Wyatt are complete best friends. Given a choice they will spend every waking moment together – playing nicely, chasing each other, fighting over toys, snuggling to watch a movie together. We attended a Build-A-Bear workshop birthday party last week and all of the children were sitting in a circle together. The party coordinator . . . → Read More: Brothers Stick Together

R & W


If you know me, you know that I rarely refer to Ruslan and Wyatt as the twins, I call them my boys. They are rarely dressed the same and they are very different in both looks and personality. Wyatt is taller and more slender than Ruslan but Ruslan runs faster. Ruslan eats almost anything and . . . → Read More: R & W

It’s all fun and games even when you get hit in the head with a shovel

I wanted some video of Ruslan talking so when he sat down in front of me with a book I started recording.  He looked at the pages and then Wyatt wandered over with some toy shovels and started to hit the book and eventually Ruslan. Then Wyatt walked away and Ruslan went back to “reading”. . . . → Read More: It’s all fun and games even when you get hit in the head with a shovel

Twins – Growing Up with a Constant Companion


The boys spend the majority of the time together. They wake-up in the morning and yell at each other and talk back and forth until I come to get them and at night they try to outdo each other by yelling the loudest and jumping the highest in their cribs (at least that’s what it . . . → Read More: Twins – Growing Up with a Constant Companion

Playing Catch


Ruslan has discovered the joy of playing catch.  He loves to throw and he has some catching skills as well.  He prefers playing catch to watching TV or any other sedentary activity and he can throw the ball with distance and accuracy.  We have been practicing rolling skills especially in the house, but he . . . → Read More: Playing Catch

Keeping Up with Two


Recently the boys are playing together for longer stretches of time without fighting. Those moments make me so happy and I hope it is a sign of good things to come as they get older. 


Playing nice turns to trouble so quickly. I grabbed the camera while they were playing nice to capture the . . . → Read More: Keeping Up with Two

Time to Feed the Giraffe


I love that Wyatt stopped whatever he was doing to come over and help Ruslan feed the giraffe.

Making Adjustments


The first few days in the house were weekdays and the boys were both sticking close to an adult while they were getting used to the new surroundings. By the weekend they were used to the layout and back to running wild. In the old house we only needed to gate 2 places to . . . → Read More: Making Adjustments

Our Differences Make Us Who We Are


After the ultrasound where we found out we were having twins, we stopped at a bookstore so I could buy a book about twins.  I read the section on the first year with twins over and over during the remainder of my pregnancy – trying to make myself believe that we would survive. One . . . → Read More: Our Differences Make Us Who We Are

Life with 2 Two-Years Olds


Our days are filled with many highs and lows and you never know when you are going to jump from high to low.  My heart is filled with joy each morning when I scoop Ru out of his crib with my left arm and Wy out if his crib in my right arm.  They . . . → Read More: Life with 2 Two-Years Olds