One Year Ago

One year ago we had a life changing event.

One year ago we had to change some plans.

One year ago we found out we were having twins.

I go through phases where I keep a journal and write in it every day. And then I miss a few days and the more . . . → Read More: One Year Ago

OMG – It’s 2 Boys!

We will have 2 boys joining the Connelly family this spring. Here are some of their pictures from today. There is an A or B in the top-left of the photo to note which twin is pictured. Twin B was more cooperative and even waved to us. You will notice that Twin A is . . . → Read More: OMG – It’s 2 Boys!

First Ultrasound

I finally scanned the ultrasound pictures. These are from the day we found out that we are having twins.

. . . → Read More: First Ultrasound

Two Babies

We received such a surprise at our early ultrasound. We were there to see one healthy heart beating and instead there were 2. My first thought was, “Oh my God – There’s Two Babies!”.

Since then we have gotten over the initial shock and are making plans for two new additions to our family. . . . → Read More: Two Babies