The Marrying Game

Juliana told Scott about one of her favorite games that they play at school – The Marrying Game. Here is her description of how you play:

1 – Catch a boy2 – Give him a kiss3 – Then you are married

Scott was of course appalled that she was trying to kiss a boy . . . → Read More: The Marrying Game

Good Morning

This morning, Juliana came in the boys room to find me with both of the boys on the bed. She started patting Wyatt as he was sleeping and he passed gas at that moment.

Juliana: Mommy, I burped him

Me: No, that was a toot

Juliana: Mommy, I tooted him . . . → Read More: Good Morning

Ready for the Twins?

If all goes well with the amnio tomorrow morning (checking lung maturity), we will have the twins Monday afternoon. September 29th we found out that there were 2 babies and we have spent the past ~7 months getting used to the idea.

Since the positive pregancy test at the end of August, there have . . . → Read More: Ready for the Twins?

Ready for Next Year

I stopped in Babys-R-Us Saturday morning and was able to get these fantastic baby costumes for just $3.50 each. So the twins will be ready for Halloween next year. . . . → Read More: Ready for Next Year

Dance and the Beach

Tonight is the first night of Juliana’s dance class! It is a combination of Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Gym, all in 45 mins. We went shopping for leotards and dance shoes a few weeks ago so everything is ready to go.

We leave for the beach in a few days and Juliana is very . . . → Read More: Dance and the Beach

Hello world!

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Conversations with Juliana

She talks so much now and a series of statements sometimes has little in common, for example: “Put on my footie pajamas, go to Disney World, sit on couch with Daddy” – everythig she is thinking comes spilling out all at once. _____

Juliana was eating dinner one night and I looked . . . → Read More: Conversations with Juliana

A Fall from the Crib

Juliana seemed very tired for her nap yesterday, but once she was in crib she didn’t go to sleep. We went up several times to calm her down and she would lie down and we would think that she was going to sleep. Scott and I were watching the Steelers game when we . . . → Read More: A Fall from the Crib

Shopping Purse

Juliana went running into her play-yard and came out with this old purse that I had given to her to play with. She put it on her shoulder and announced – ‘uliana Shoppin’. Every since then she occasionally asks where her shoppin’ purse is and runs off to find it. And then adds . . . → Read More: Shopping Purse

Trip to Erie

On June 1st we drove to Erie for a wedding. It was Juliana’s first overnight stay away from home. We drove up during the afternoon on Friday – Juliana napped some of the way and played with some new car toys the rest of the trip. We checked into the hotel – my parents . . . → Read More: Trip to Erie