Leggings are Not Pants

Juliana came home from school on Wednesday with a huge hole in her tights again. When I asked her what happened, she shrugged and then excitedly told me about the small hole that she had in the other leg of her tights. “I had a small hole in this side and I found some string . . . → Read More: Leggings are Not Pants

Random Juliana


Juliana gets fixated on a tv series and watches every episode on Netflix and then she moves on to another one for the next week or two and she will eventually circle back and repeat. This week Dinosaur Train is the series of choice.

Sunday afternoon she started to watch an episode while I was making lunch . . . → Read More: Random Juliana

Random Happenings

Rather than adding a bunch of short posts to the site, here are some recent favorite pictures and the short stories associated with them.

I asked Juliana to stand with her brothers for a picture and she grabbed their collars to try to get them to stay.

Juliana loved to fill the shopping . . . → Read More: Random Happenings

First Day of Kindergarten


We survived the first day! I was up very early to make sure everything was ready, but I had been up late the night before to get things ready so I was mostly up early for no reason. Juliana had a very difficult time falling asleep Sunday night so getting her up and moving . . . → Read More: First Day of Kindergarten