The First Concert That Was Just For Her


I love concerts and I have taken Juliana along to several over the past few years, but this was the first concert we went to that was purely for her – 19-yr old singers are a little young for me. The Shawn Mendes tickets were a complete surprise – I purchased them last fall . . . → Read More: The First Concert That Was Just For Her

When Bouncing Baby Boys Get BIG

Moving, bouncing, rolling, pushing, kicking…these are all words that I would use to describe my busy boys since before the day that they were born. I never had to sit and count movements when I was pregnant because it was rare that they stopped moving. With two of them in there I could feel and see . . . → Read More: When Bouncing Baby Boys Get BIG

I Decided That We Need A Little Extra Magic


Two weeks from today Ruslan and Wyatt will go on their first airplane flight and they will visit Disney World for the first time. It will be Juliana’s 3rd trip, Scott’s 3rd, my 7th and I believe my mom’s 7th as well. My mom loves Disney and an even number of people means that Juliana . . . → Read More: I Decided That We Need A Little Extra Magic

I Want My Two Hours


During the week I wake-up early enough to shower and get ready, make lunches and check work e-mail before the kids are awake. Then it is time for Juliana to get up, eat and get on her school bus. Then I get the boys ready and drive them to childcare. I return home to my . . . → Read More: I Want My Two Hours

Decking the Halls


There are people who decorate as soon as Halloween is over. Others like to have their Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving and a lot of people decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I think one month is plenty of time for the Christmas tree so we usually put it up on or after . . . → Read More: Decking the Halls

Impromptu Kennywood Dance Party

Scott and I took the kids to Kennywood today and I took a lot of pictures…so many pictures that after I deleted ~100 (blurry, bad light, duplicates, etc), I still have 170 to go through and find my favorites. We had a lot of fun!

At one point I was waiting for Scott and . . . → Read More: Impromptu Kennywood Dance Party

7 Quick Takes: Rock-a-Bye Boom Boom and More


Lifting the 7 Quick Takes concept from Jennifer at Jayesel – 7 quick things that have happened recently.


Juliana is fascinated by the fact that I have a science degree and therefore I am a scientist. Not just any scientist, the most brilliant scientist in the world. On a regular basis she asks about my . . . → Read More: 7 Quick Takes: Rock-a-Bye Boom Boom and More

Happy Birthday Daddy


2 years ago, Scott was in Guam for his birthday so I recorded the kids singing Happy Birthday to him. Juliana was the only one who could sing that year and the boys were contained so they couldn’t escape during the song. What a difference 2 years makes…they are all so much bigger now. . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday Daddy

Water Fight

The boys have taken baths together since escaping the duck tub and moving up to the big tub. Recently they went through a phase where they hated baths especially Wyatt. He would stand in the bathtub and scream while I quickly washed him and hurried him out and into his pjs.

In the . . . → Read More: Water Fight

She Loves to Jump


Yesterday was the last class in Juliana’s first session of Level 1 gymnastics. Parents are allowed in the gymnasium on the last day of class so I was able to get some video and pictures of her in action. She absolutely loves gymnastics and I think if she could stop bouncing so much and pay . . . → Read More: She Loves to Jump