Toy Fight

Sharing is a difficult concept at this age.  They see a toy they want and take it.  Usually whatever toy Wyatt has, Ruslan wants it and vice versa.  Since Wyatt started crawling, apparently he has been busy using his new skill to take toys away from the other babies.

On this occasion, Wyatt was . . . → Read More: Toy Fight

First Bowl of Cereal

After sleeping all night for weeks, over the past few weeks both boys had started to wake up almost every night.  I checked one of the “is your baby ready for solid food” quizes…and the answer was yes for all 10 questions.  So Tuesday evening they each had their first bowl of cereal.

Instead of . . . → Read More: First Bowl of Cereal

Laughing Babies

This is part of our evening routine. As I get the boys changed into their sleepers, we have a little tickle-fest with lots of giggling. Usually they start laughing as soon as I start changing their clothes. The videos are posted on Facebook, but everyone should be able to view them here I think. . . . → Read More: Laughing Babies

Pre-Movie Interview

Before Juliana and Daddy went to see Kung-fu Panda last month I asked Juliana some questions about what she was going to do.

You Are My Sunshine

A Little Song

Back in December, Juliana started requesting “The Rainbow Song”. Then she would sing – my rainbow, My Rainbow, MY Rainbow, MY RAINBOW…each time loader.

So one night when she asked for the Rainbow Song and I started singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She got so excited, gave me a big kiss and said, “I . . . → Read More: A Little Song

Singing the Alphabet