At Least Someone is Enjoying the Potholes


The sun was shining today, the temperature is climbing, the snow is melting, and the potholes are filling with water. Puddles make children very happy!




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Summer is Off to a Good Start


The boys finished preschool almost two weeks ago and Juliana is hours away from finishing second grade and we have already jumped right in to summer fun!

The boys spent a day with my Dad on an adventure which included a new playground (new playground, aka playground they have never been to, is the best!)

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A Boat, A Fountain and Umbrellas Part 2

At the beginning of the summer my parents took the boys to ride the Ducky Boat and then they played at the nearby fountain (it was a rainy day so they had umbrellas). Wyatt had been asking to go on a boat since Scott and I went on a cruise in February. He was . . . → Read More: A Boat, A Fountain and Umbrellas Part 2

Still Working on His Aim

I took the boys to the Children’s Museum today for a birthday party. We spent most of the party time playing at the water table and of course the boys had so much fun. Wyatt moved around a lot and played with a variety of the water toys.

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Water Rides – Love Them or Hate Them


Water Rides seem like a great idea on a hot summer day at an amusement park and there is no doubt that the water provides a cool down. However, boarding the ride you sit on a wet seat and the bottom of the “boat” is often covered in water so your feet are immediately . . . → Read More: Water Rides – Love Them or Hate Them

The Heat is On


The past two weeks have been very, very hot. We have moved quickly from one air conditioned space to another and done our best to stay cool. The kids don’t mind the heat as much, they love being outside regardless of the weather. So we have tried to spend some time outside in the evening . . . → Read More: The Heat is On

Presque Isle – Beach #6


My parents have been married for a long time – 41 years. They met during the summer of 1967 when they were both 16 at Presque Isle Beach #6 on Lake Erie. I was surprised when my mom recommended that we take the kids to the beach to play Friday afternoon and as we . . . → Read More: Presque Isle – Beach #6

Summer Fun


Playgrounds, running around outside, playing in the pool…summer weekends. An hour or two of playing in the pool and water table and the boys will nap for hours in the afternoon – that is a good day.





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We’re on a Boat


When friends of ours invited us out on their boat last weekend, I said yes immediately.  A weekend afternoon relaxing on the river sounded like a great idea.  Then I started to think about the potential issues – what if the boys hate/are scared of the boat? what if they freak out over the life . . . → Read More: We’re on a Boat

Our First Boat Adventure of the Weekend


I have always wanted to go on the duck boat tour of Pittsburgh – land and water in the same vehicle – what’s not to love! When some other friends expressed similar feelings we made plans.  Juliana was very excited about our plan as well. We met for our reservation and boarded Miss Sliberty . . . → Read More: Our First Boat Adventure of the Weekend