A Waterful Weekend


So many stories and pictures to share from this weekend filled with water activities.  Juliana fished for the first time while we were docked near Point State Park Sunday afternoon and she caught a good sized fish right away.  There was much excitement in the boat – Juliana jumping up and down, Wyatt was . . . → Read More: A Waterful Weekend

Splash! Splash!

We bought a water table for the boys for their birthday and we finally have a nice weekend to enjoy it.  Yesterday we assembled the pieces, filled it with water and dressed Ruslan and Wyatt in their bathing suits.

Wyatt immediately started spashing in the water while Ruslan focused on all of the new . . . → Read More: Splash! Splash!

Children’s Museum with G

My Mom stayed home with us when we young so we had plenty of one-on-one time with her.  Since my Dad was at work all day, I loved when I would get to go on an adventure with him.  As Juliana has gotten older, she has been going on adventures with my Dad – . . . → Read More: Children’s Museum with G

Fun with Cousins

Last Thursday Juliana’s cousins Jake and Sara came to visit Nana and Papa and we went to visit and have dinner together. Juliana and Sara are so cute together – they play nice and are fun to watch interact. Activities included: feeding the fish, playing in the sprinkler (actually 2 sprinklers), eating pizza and . . . → Read More: Fun with Cousins

Play Date

Juliana’s best friend came over to play last weekend. They had lots of fun playing in the pool and running around outside. This was her official play date and they had lots of . . . → Read More: Play Date

Splashing in the Puddle

Well, Juliana calls them ponds…she had lots of fun splashing and walking around in her boots and carrying her umbrella. . . . → Read More: Splashing in the Puddle

Stacking Rings

The final installment in the stacking series…when you are done stacking, you should end with a celebratory “TA-DA!!”

. . . → Read More: Stacking Rings