Snow Babies

What’s the point of having snowsuits if they can’t spend a few minutes in the snow?  I resisted the urge to bury them in snow because it is very cold, and they were only outside for a few minutes.  Wyatt held still as the snowflakes fell on his face; perhaps hoping it would all . . . → Read More: Snow Babies

Bundled Up

Since we walk to daycare, the boys are bundled in their stroller when it is cold.  Here is what they look like for our short walk.

And under the blanket they are wearing their puffer . . . → Read More: Bundled Up

Winter Accessories

At one point in the afternoon yesterday, Juliana was being very quiet. This is usually cause for concern. However, when I rounded the corner I found her wearing her winter hat and one glove and intently focused on getting the second glove on. Soon after I took these pictures, I came back to find . . . → Read More: Winter Accessories