Wyatt has a Way with Words


Wyatt was asking for a pencil to work in his Word Search book in bed. My mom told him he shouldn’t take a pencil to bed in case he falls asleep with it. Wyatt: “You think I don’t know how to use a pencil? I use a pencil every day at school.”


Juliana . . . → Read More: Wyatt has a Way with Words

Wanted: Translator


Wyatt talks a lot, unfortunately most of it doesn’t make any sense.  He will ramble on and on and then look and me for a response, often that response is met by him repeating what he said again…as if it will make more sense to me the second time. 

I received the following story . . . → Read More: Wanted: Translator

A Princess, A Prince and What


Juliana talks a lot – she never seems to run out of things to say and is never out of breath.  Whatever she is thinking comes tumbling out, no filter, no context, often random statements unrelated to anything happening at that moment.

We were walking down the stairs together when she said the following: . . . → Read More: A Princess, A Prince and What

Wyatt at 18-Months


Wyatt is determined and analytical. When he sees something he wants, he walks with purpose staring in that direction, rarely running. He will sit and look at a toy or food for a while, trying to decide what it is and if he wants it.

Determined for Wyatt also equals stubborn. He gets mad . . . → Read More: Wyatt at 18-Months

Ruslan at 18-months


Super cute, a bundle of activity, happy most of the time and so much fun – everything you could possibly want at this age.

Ruslan loves to sleep – at night he is so happy to be carried to bed and snuggles down in his crib for the night without a fuss.  If . . . → Read More: Ruslan at 18-months

The Nutcracker and Random Juliana

We went to the Nutcracker on Sunday and I learned that I am not a fan of ballet…soooo boring. I would have fallen asleep if not for Juliana bouncing from my lap to her seat and back the whole time. 

Since our trip to Disney, Juliana questions whether people or animals are real.  . . . → Read More: The Nutcracker and Random Juliana

Pirate Game

We took Juliana to her first baseball game a few weeks ago – the Mets were in town. It was a beautiful summer night; cool for August with a nice breeze. When we arrived at PNC Park, we walked around to look out at the river and watch the boats. Juliana spotted a smaller . . . → Read More: Pirate Game

Learning to Talk – Amusing phrases

Here are some of my current favorites from Juliana.

Shut it on – instead of turn it on

glubs – instead of gloves, although she is learning the corrent pronunciation now…

I pick-up my Mommy – instead of Mommy, pick me up

When she has something that she want to share (a few extra . . . → Read More: Learning to Talk – Amusing phrases

Learning her name and Negiotiations

Juliana is finally able to pronounce her name. Now that she can say her full first name – Juliana – I decided that she should learn the rest of her name. If you ask her what her name is now, she will answer “Ana Gace”. Or occasionally “Ann Gace Conny” – not bad.

The . . . → Read More: Learning her name and Negiotiations


Juliana and I were shopping at SAM’s Club. I realized that I was getting warm, so I said to Juliana, “you must be getting hot” and unzipped her coat. She started blowing on her shirt and if she were blowing on hot food to cool it off.

So she must have been hot…