Welcome Spring

The arrival of spring brightened the moods of everyone in Pittsburgh and Juliana is especially happy to be able to run outside without a coat.

She is happy to share her swingset with the boys as long as she occasionally gets a . . . → Read More: Welcome Spring

Juliana and Wyatt – BFF

While I’m sure that Juliana loves both of her brothers, she really, really loves Wyatt.  She wants to see him as soon as she wakes up in the morning, kisses him goodbye at the door to his daycare room, and always wants to play with him.  Recently they have been having tea parties – . . . → Read More: Juliana and Wyatt – BFF

And Sometimes She Helps Out

One evening last week, I was about to give the boys a bath and Juliana announced that she wanted to help. I wondered if she would actually be a help, but decided it was a good idea to involve her. She ran to get the bathtub and bring it into the kitchen and then . . . → Read More: And Sometimes She Helps Out


Hips – Since the boys were both breach for most of my pregnancy, the Dr sent us to have ultrasounds on their hips. Ruslan’s results were normal, while there was a slight concern with Wyatt. The main angle for the hips should be 60 degrees or higher, Wyatt’s was at 56 degrees. So we . . . → Read More: Updates

Wyatt on the Move

This is the happy face of the little guy who had just rolled over for the first time! Obviously he was very pleased with himself.

Want More Pictures?

Do you have a toddler/preschooler who is no longer happy to participate in photo shoots, or simply turns away when the camera comes out because she has had her pictures taken thousands of times in her short life? Here’s how to fix it – have another baby. Now whenever I am taking pictures of . . . → Read More: Want More Pictures?

Words That Make Me Move Really Fast

“Don’t worry Mommy, I will pick up that baby.”

The Past Few Weeks

Juliana has been spending her weekdays at school and we have been doing our best to entertain her during the other times. She is still adjusting to life with the boys in our home, wanting lots of extra attention, etc.Her present from the boys when they were born was a Leapster and it has . . . → Read More: The Past Few Weeks

The Big Sister

Juliana met her brothers Tuesday afternoon. She was very excited to see them and hold them. She climbed right up to get a good look and then sat down ready to hold them. As soon as Wyatt started to cry, she tried to push him away, saying “Daddy take Him!” Later she had a . . . → Read More: The Big Sister