We Pet an Elephant and Other Outside Fun


The winter has been long and last weekend we had a glimpse of spring – a few days of sunshine and warm temperatures. My kids need outside time and in the winter they are stuck inside too much. Once spring arrives they will spend hours each day outside. Until then I planned to make . . . → Read More: We Pet an Elephant and Other Outside Fun

Saturday Conversations


Car rides with all 3 kids are never boring – there is yelling and crying and fighting and laughing and singing and chatter amongst them. Our short drive to the zoo on Saturday was no exception. We were not far from home when this conversation with Ruslan started.

R: I see a yellow fire! . . . → Read More: Saturday Conversations

Wyatt the Not So Brave


Wyatt has a habit of asking to go see the animals in the evening and I remind him that it is too late to go to the zoo because the animals are going to bed. Monday morning I went into the boys’ room and asked if they wanted to go to the zoo. Wyatt . . . → Read More: Wyatt the Not So Brave

How Many Kindergartners Can You Fit in a Polar Bear Trap


Yesterday I took some time off and went to the zoo with Juliana’s Kindergarten class. This was my first field trip of the year and they did a few things that made it run so smoothly. The students were all wearing white polo shirts and khaki shorts/pants/skorts – most of the other groups were . . . → Read More: How Many Kindergartners Can You Fit in a Polar Bear Trap

The Long Weekend Wrap-up


We had a good, almost relaxing long weekend. Thanksgiving with my parents and a few family friends was filled with tons of yummy food. My morning with the boys was spent watching the parade and snuggling on the couch – a relaxing way to spend the morning together.

Juliana kept busy while the turkey . . . → Read More: The Long Weekend Wrap-up

Random Happenings

Rather than adding a bunch of short posts to the site, here are some recent favorite pictures and the short stories associated with them.

I asked Juliana to stand with her brothers for a picture and she grabbed their collars to try to get them to stay.

Juliana loved to fill the shopping . . . → Read More: Random Happenings

At the Zoo


Last Monday Scott and I both took the morning off to go to the zoo.  It was a perfect morning – dry and sunny, but not too hot.  It was the first trip to the zoo for the boys.  For the first few animal stops they looked at ducks crossing the path, flowers, trees, . . . → Read More: At the Zoo

Zoo May 2008

We bought a Zoo pass so there will be lots of trips to the zoo this year. We like to go first thing Saturday morning so we are leaving the zoo by noon when it is starting to get really hot and crowded. The monkey house was her favorite, I think that she would . . . → Read More: Zoo May 2008

Counting Animals

Juliana was quietly playing this morning before I took her to daycare and then I heard her counting. I looked over and she had lined up all of the zoo animals in a long row and was counting them – there are26 animals and she made it halfway through with the correct numbers and . . . → Read More: Counting Animals

Saturday Morning at the Zoo

Saturday was such a beautiful day – sunshine and clear skies. We headed to the zoo first thing in the morning before the crowds – and it was worth it. We were able to see the animals from the best viewing areas and even the most popular areas were not crowded.

She liked the . . . → Read More: Saturday Morning at the Zoo